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Churras w/ the “clube”

What a killer sunday we had – thanks to Villa Ipanema, the long-awaited get together was a huge success and a great time! We were lucky they live close to the market… So the boys could walk over to refill the coolers without any trouble. He he he

The boyz:

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and the reunions keep on rolling!

We’re going to need a vacation after this Holiday in Brazil!¬† ūüôā¬† We are fortunate to have so many wonderful reunions with friends, but it keeps us hopping!¬† Yesterday was another one of the special ones… my first and only roommate in Rio, and the last roommate before I married – the one and only Sawe!¬† His life now is of course fuller and busier than ever, and it was grand to get together with Saverio, Leida, and 16 month old son Italo!¬† GRANDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were thrilled of course that Italo liked his new booties – it was great to see his excitement when he started stomping around in his baby Timberlands…. too cool!

glory days in the media

Something amusing happened this morning…¬† We were at our friends Patricia and Glaucio’s house, having enjoyed a very pleasant evening together, after which we simply spent the night.¬† But the amusing thing happened when I went to use the little boys room.¬† I grabbed a few magazines to have a read, you know how it is.¬† Leafing through¬†and old¬†copy of the Brazilian sailing mag “Velejar e Meio Ambiente” I came across a two page article covering the 2009 REFENO, in which faithful readers will know we participated, and won our class…

There it was, the famous¬†picture in the¬†magazine that Glaucio had told us about nearly a year and a half before….¬†We’d¬†asked him for a scanned copy, hoping somewhere between Trinidad and Tahiti¬†to¬†finally see it.¬† He searched the house high and low and¬†never managed to find it!¬† Somehow, I’d just picked up the right magazine on a visit to Rio, thousands and thousands of miles away from our floating home, and found the article and photo – totally at random.

It certainly brought back some great memories, I can tell you.  

I¬†took a couple of shots that I thought I’d share:

This was the cover of that edition…


This was the article….

And this was the photo – with JP, Glaucio, Renato, Larissa and Patricia from L to R.¬† It was cool how they mentioned my name though I’m not in the photo of course (someone had to drive), and even funnier that there wasn’t of course an ‘American Crew’…

Great memories for me and for the winning crew!

matando saudades em Botafogo!!!!

Paty & Glaucio, valeu pela excelente noitada Botafogense….

Foi SHOW matar saudades, vamos matar mais!

(O cachorro lindo, “Golias” eh a novidade da casa)


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Coffee & Blogging at the in-laws 2: Sao Paulo

From Londrina, we drove to Sao Paulo, the largest city in South America and home to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, my Godson Kian, and a very nice selection of friends that we’ve missed dearly since taking up the cruising life.¬† I’m not sure I would live in ‘Sampa’ for the simple reason that it’s too far away from the sea for me, but I do really like the city and it’s endless offering of things to do (non-beach related, he he he), places to eat, and – in the right areas – a chance to do most things by foot.¬† The special treat for me this time was to see my Godson, now just two years old.¬† He is quite simply an amazing boy: alert, curious, ‘sharp as a tack’, and with one of the best smiles you’ve ever seen.¬† Oh, of course I was delighted to see his parents, very very dear friends that we’ve sorely missed since sailing away.¬† Thanks are due both of them for hospitality and great eats in the delightful neighborhood of Itaim-Bibi.¬† We also were treated to a bit of tourism by my brother-in-law Marco Aurelio – who took a day off work so that he could be with us and show us around.¬† To visit the sights of Sao Paulo you’d need weeks if not longer – but Marco made the most of an afternoon and showed us a Sao Paulo we’d never seen beyond the window of a taxi: historic buildings, parks and museums.¬† We especially liked the ultra-modern Museum of the Portuguese Langue, located in the historic Esta√ßao da Luz train station. ¬†¬† Thanks Marco for the tour, and thanks to you and Cris for your hospitality! We had a great time and we adore bohemian Bela Vista – we’ll be back!!
Again, a brief selection of photos from the Sao Paulo visit (mostly of my Godson, and I am proud – as well as some tourism photos with Marco & Cris): if we’re friends on Facebook, you may have seen these – but in any case, here they are again, for the non-FB users.

I also got another email yesterday from Greg & Kim from Honokohau… our caretaker continues to visit Walk On, and the Yanmar fires up immediately every time.¬† Good to know!¬† Here’s how Jim gets from the dock to the boat:¬† ūüôā

Coffee & Blogging at the in-laws 1: Parana’

Our weeklong ‘trip within a trip’ is over, as we returned yesterday to Rio after the family and friends visit in Maringa’, Londrina, and Sao Paulo. The first two destinations were to visit Larissa’s extended family in the state of Parana’, where Lara was born and where her roots still are – abo0ut 1,100 kms ESE of Rio.¬† We were very well received, as always, and thoroughly enjoyed the visit with grandparents, aunts and uncles and countless cousins.¬†¬† The weather was fantastic, the food and company even better, and as always, plenty of laughter.¬† One thing I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed about my Brazilian family is the generous and easy going spirit, where the focus is family time together over good meals (I’m gaining weight in Brazil, eating plenty and not having to mess about on the boat every day!), and the principal spice to any recipe is laughter.

Here is a selection of photos from the Parana’ adventure (taken with a cell phone – please excuse the blurry shaky ones).¬† Click on a specific pic to see a bigger version.

In part 2, a bit of Sao Paulo!

Ciao gang!

Tragic – Simply Tragic

I hate to post this, but it’s the followup of what I’d posted earlier.¬†

The article appears here, as well as  many other places.  We are truly sad about this.

not all cruising stories are sunsets and happy hour from the cockpit

I’ve never tried to make this a newsy blog – in fact while cruising it can be difficult to even get the news. However, some stories need to be shared and this one caught my attention as a reminder to me and other cruisers about the unfortunate but very real situations that can and do happen “out there”. This one goes far beyond the “to carry or not to carry (a weapon on board)” question, as in this case it likely would have made very little difference. In a tiny gesture of solidarity, we share this story as fellow cruisers, and hope for a safe if not swift resolution to the situation. I wonder how many cruisers out there are changing their plans – opting for the “round South Africa” route and skipping the Med.

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Canonico family time at the Chacara

After the ribs restaurant, we joined the gang for even more food and revelling at the “Recanto dos 5 Irmaos” – family weekend hangout on the grounds of the old family home in Rolandia. This place is great, and we laughed the night away as the siblings shared humorous stories as only they can. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages! My laughing muscles hurt!

More to come today as an even larger group gets together.

Sooooo good to be with family again – Lara is naturally super happy to be with everyone again.

part of the Canonico gang!

part of the Canonico gang!

Lara and cousin Janaina

Lara and cousin Janaina

Lara shows off ancient family heirloom: bottle opener

Lara shows off ancient family heirloom: bottle opener

Marco Aurelio relaxes with iPhone

Marco Aurelio relaxes with iPhone

Marco and I having a laugh

Marco and I having a laugh

Rogerio bakes a cake for the gang

Rogerio bakes a cake for the gang

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Family bbq time in Maringa

Yesterday we went to Mariana and Juliano’s house here in Maringa (Mariana is Larissa’s first cousin). Besides a great meal and a lot of laughs, we managed to get a few photos. Enjoy!
More later from Rolandia…..

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