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tidbits from the marina….

There is always something happening in a marina and Ala Wai is no exception. I might at some point really do the special posts with a tour, photos of some of the crazy boats and all that – but the for the moment, I’ll keep it ‘local’ to the boats just either side of us to port and starboard…

PORT: the dog boat. Well, the dogs were off the boat for about a week. I found out later they were simply on another boat… but last night the owner brought them back and so we’re back to the barking and feeling bad for the poor treatment of the animals. That’s all I’ll say about that for the moment.

STARBOARD: the first boat to starboard is called “Cutlass”. Turns out that she is also a model called Cutlass, built in the late 60’s in England. Well, she’s just changed hands and has recently been purchased by a young lady named Jess, originally from Orem, Utah! It’s her first boat and so she’s excited to take this boat and turn her around – she does need some TLC. Anyway, today they went out for the first time, Jess accompanied by the former owner, a guy named Joel. Jess was super excited to be going out on her first sail on her first boat… I remember the feeling from our first time out on Succa back in 2003.

Jess on her new- to-her “Cutlass” – ready to head into the blue for the first time.  She got a GREAT deal on this boat.

If you’ve ever been out on your first sail on your very own first boat, you know what a happy moment this is.  🙂

Good Luck Jess!

Just a tad further to starboard is a very cool boat named “Willow”, owned and run by a super cool couple of cruisers, Greg and Bonnie.  Greg built Willow himself more than 10 years ago and they have a lot of miles under the keel together.  She’s an unusual boat that you just don’t see every day – a junk-rigged cat schooner.  The only other boat we’ve seen like her was “El Lobo” back in Trinidad in 2009.  Anyway, Greg and Bonnie are headed out today after an extended stay here at Ala Wai.  They’ll be island-hopping their way back to the Big Island, where they have land and a permanent mooring in Hilo.  In June, Greg will be jumping to Seattle and so we will perhaps have an SSB radio net with him as we plan to cross to the West Coast at about the same time.

Greg and Bonnie and their very cool, very experienced ‘Willow’.

Willow heads out the channel after leaving Ala Wai…

Ciao guys!  Fair winds and here’s to hoping we meet up somewhere further down the road.  BTW, you can follow their blog @

Last but not least, a few ‘life aboard’ pics of baby cakes – we did a yummy kind of cordon-bleu yesterday with prosciutto crudo.  Delicious!!!!


Have a great weekend guys!!!!


the sibling video!

Well gang, I finally managed to get the sibling visit video put together, and so here it is… As usual, you can watch an HD version of it directly on the YouTube Page (

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

surprise encounter, great visit!

This week has already been unique in a lot of ways – with guests from LA and Switzerland departing, Fluminense winning a great 3-1 decision over Libertad in the Libertadores Cup (yeah!), the royal wedding being available on traditional TV in Hawaii only in Spanish, and the little boat “Cutlass” next door to us (STBD) being purchased by a first time boat owner, a young lady from Orem, Utah…

But surely the most out of the blue thing to happen to us in a long time was running into my first college roommate from back at ND, Joe Cline! Joe & family (wife Cristine and daughters Kaitlin, Siena and Samantha) are visiting Oahu for Easter Holidays and we had a chance meeting at a state beach park the other day on the leeward shore. The chances are slim to nil that this would happen, but it did. After making their beach rounds yesterday, they stopped by last night for a brief visit – the girls really wanted to board a sailboat as this was a first for them. They took to it immediately and had a great time playing on the beds, peering into everything, steering the boat by turning the wheel back and forth, and otherwise just squeaking and giggling and being sisters having fun a in a new environment. Lara had a twinkle in her eye of course (you know what I mean) and we enjoyed having a drink and some catch up chat with Joe, and getting to know Cristine. It was a fantastic visit and we look forward to more time with the Cline Clan, be it here in Oahu or in San Francisco, where they live. I think Joe is already considering us as future baby sitters, as we had a blast with the girls. Who wouldn’t – look how adorable they are:

Bora Nense!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fabio & Debby Waikiki Surf video…

Here’s the first of the videos. Though we didn’t actually catch much wave action (there weren’t any!), we did have fun trying and this is a micro documentary about our one hour surf rental adventure… in Portuguese of course.  You can see a HD version of it on YouTube. Enjoy!

More videos in the making – next up the Sibling Visit. 🙂


empty nest, again! :-(

Empty boat syndrome – again!

The boat is empty again, as Fabio & Debby have just departed for the airport and their flight to LA.  Funny how quiet it gets around here when our friends leave… But we LOVE the visits and the last two couple were no exception.  Fabio & Debby’s visit from distant Zug (Walchwil) Switzerland was part of a “Pacto Pascoalino” (Easter Pact) that we’ve maintained now two years running – to get together wherever and however over the Easter holidays.  Twice in a row now they’ve visited us on Walk On.  Last year it was Cartagena, Colombia, this year, Oahu, next year… Switzerland (though not on Walk On I would imagine 🙂 ).  In any case, Easter 2012 it’ll be up to us to meet up with them in Europe – hoping also that Pedro and Veronica can make it too, completing our “Clube dos 6” reunion.  Just like last year, this year’s Easter visit was full of laughter and good times, and even a tad of sailing.  Mostly we toured the island, as you’ve seen from the photos, and really had a blast hanging out with our dear friends.  During the latter part of their visit, Flavia and Adam flew in from LA to spend a few days on Walk On and take part in the touring, sailing and general relax/craziness of a cruising boat in Hawaii.  We feel fortunate to have friends like these that take the time to visit us on the boat – thanks guys for making the trip and treating us so well while you were here.  Now we’re back to empty boat mode, and that means projects and slow prep for the next big crossing – in June.  It also means that I can finish up some video editing and post some more media on the blog – I think at least one will be going up later today.  When that’s done, and with some rest and free time, I’ll be able to write more at length about local happenings here in the marina, including the dogs next door saga and a wayward sailboat we helped ‘rescue’ from an even more embarrassing situation.  He he he.  So that’s it for now.  Aloha guys, from our empty nest.  😦  Mike & Lara

P.S. Since I know he’s a blog follower, I can’t help but make a special Happy Birthday mention to my awesome brother in law and recent Walk On crew member, Michael Nelson.  Happy Birthday MCN, we miss ya, we’re thinking of ya, and we wish we could be together to celebrate your b-day!

Lanikai Beach, Daysailing, Roy’s, Duke’s – weekend wrapup

Well gang, the crew today goes back to 4 as Flavia and Adam have to catch a flight back to LA and the Matrix.  Sad for them, sad for us, but we’re delighted they came.  We’ll miss them – have a safe flight home guys!

Today we’ll likely head to Pearl Harbor and try to get some afternoon surfing in on Waikiki, with Fabio & Debby.  But for now, a quick photo recap of the weekend – many photos from the lovely Lanikai beach on the windward side of Oahu, some of daysailing, and even some culinary shots from our yummy visits to Roy’s and Duke’s (thanks to the crew for the generosity at Roy’s!).

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend, we sure did!

M&L&F&D (minus F&A :-()

Happy Easter, from the bunnies!

A Happy Easter to all!

Just a quick post and only a few pics – more in the making today and more posting of yesterday coming up later.  🙂

Have a great day gang!


Lara and Flavia take a dip at Lanikai beach

The Happy Easter Bunny Pose

Paraibinhas… he he he

happy Easter from the Gang!

Morning crew, how’s it?

We had a great time yesterday – first with the gang hiking to the top of Diamond Head, and then and afternoon sail in the bay.  Another busy day ahead so not much blogging time this morning.  🙂  More updates and pics later…. If for some reason we don’t get back ‘online’ before then, HAPPY EASTER!


the north shore gang

This is a special post for our new buddies on the North Shore.  We were taking a bunch of pictures of this group of surfers and bodyboarders the other day and they notice – a couple of them asked if I was selling pics or if I would email them.  Maybe I should consider photography as a backup career?  🙂  Actually some of the photos are good, a lot of the rest aren’t quite as good – the lighting wasn’t very good and I didn’t have a polarized filter on the lens, but I do like taking pictures of surfers so click click click I went.   The guys were really talented and we had fun watching them.  Anyway, I opted to not send the pics by email, guessing it’s easier to share them with the gang and their friends on one blog post.  There are a LOT of pictures here and none of them are of our current Walk On guests, Fabio, Debby, Flavia and Adam – so if you’re looking for the latest on that group, see the post below this one.

With any luck, we’ll have sailing pictures up tonight.