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Ace Wujek!

What a day yesterday!!!

There were skinned knees, naked three year-olds sunbathing, fat lips, lots of swimming, 872 golf strokes on 144 holes of golf (and one winning team), and two (count ’em!) window entrances to get back into the condos, including fen-angling 3 commercial extension ladders at the same time… but the highlight of the day was certainly the HOLE IN ONE by my brother-in-law, Brett “Ace” Wujek!  Congrats to Brett on his hole in one on the 13th (lucky 13) hole of the Mountain Course of Wasatch Mountain Golf Course.  You the man Wuj.

More pics and the mountain bike video later.



the first Park City photos…

Many of you might know that Lara and I are in Park City, Utah, for an immediate family reunion: my parents, sisters, bros-in-law, nieces and nephews and even great niece and great nephew!  It’s great to be back in PC again, and we’re having a very good time with the family.  Missed these guys!  Here are a few random pics from today… (the video from yesterday in the pool will have to wait until I can do some editing).

A change of scenery after 22 days of ocean ocean ocean… this is a typical view around here at The Canyons

Barn or House?  Actually, they keep cows in this very chic barn.

Making our way to the car for a trip to Main Street in Park City

Chic Main St, blond movie-star looking girls, nice cars…

Our friend Thayssa Klein worked at this restaurant a few years ago….

Remember Thayssa?  🙂

What’s a Rabbet?

Some very nice architecture in ‘downtown’ reminds everyone of the early mining days, when Park City got it’s start.

The Museum…

this is a special photo for my buddy Fabio, packaging king.  I’d never seen this (only the AB beer can-bottles)

Park City is ski-town, have no doubts about that.  The ski culture even mixes well with gardening and interior design.

My dear father LOVES ice cream!  🙂

frontwards or backwards, everybody needs a little espresso

Larissa loves Main St., even if you can’t see her too well in this pic.

Scenic Park City

Larissa, Nancy, Dad, Madeline and Thomas.  CUTE!

Maddie and Thomas checking it all out.

It’s sunny & warm.

This is a pic for our buddy Bryant – this is Zoom, a local restaurant owned by the Sundance Kid – ‘you just keep thinking Butch’.

We just love the scenery around here.

Even the ‘modern’ building have been designed to look traditional.

Larissa, Madeline, Thomas, and Franz (the Bear)

Maddie, Thomas & da Bear.

This a pic for David and for Gabriela.

Larissa and Maddie relaxing with a good read.

Maddie, Joe and Thomas – the Wujek kids

Brett & Mom.  🙂

Madeline, Colby, Alexis, Joe and Thomas – look at them!!!!!  Looking good gang.

Getting ready to put a movie on – no adults allowed!

Me & Colby playing with his new favorite toy – the faucet in the kitchen!  He loves the water.  Can’t wait to take him sailing.

Lara & Colby.  🙂


Tomorrow?  GOLF!  More pics & fun stuff coming up.


Some sailing pictures for the boating fans

I hadn’t had the chance yet to post these – but they are from last Friday afternoon… The ‘locals’, some of whom we may be getting to know in the future, get out and get there boats on the water on Wednesday and Friday afternoons… This is what it looks like:

Some Hanalei Pics

It’s going to take some time to get the videos and photos sorted out from the passage – so in the meantime I thought I’d put up a few pics of our halcyon Hanalei Days…

Lara and I agreed that the churches on the Hawaiian islands were very similar to the churches we saw on other islands of Polynesia (French Polynesia, of course).

This is a lovely house on a huge plot of land, just one block back off the beach at Hanalei.  The trees apparently obey the prevailing trade winds as they grow (or are they obeying crooked sunshine?).

The yard is so large that the owner has his own private golf hole (or holes?) to practice those wedge approach shots.

This wee yacht visited the Bay shortly after we arrived from Oahu.  They stayed for a night or two and then headed off sometime one night… This was the largest private yacht we saw throughout all of the Hawaiian Islands, but something that was more commonly seen in Tahiti last year.

The view from the anchorage… terrible.  🙂

Helicopters buzz around the island constantly, taking tourists on breathtaking flights around the Napali coast and the many Kauai waterfalls…

Every morning a small army of paddleboarders make their way around the bay for morning exercise and fun.

A few days after our arrival, Willow sails in from Big Island, where Greg has a mooring near Radio Bay.

The next morning, Greg does a little work on the mainsail.

Willow at anchor.

Greg does it the old fashioned way, rowing Camila in a hard nesting dinghy, that he built of course!

View of the anchorage, looking aft..

Bry with his GoPro camera on his head – with this little wonder, Bry has filmed a lot of great Walk On moments, in full HD.  Looking forward to see how it all comes out.

Bry and Larissa during a pause on the Hanakapiai Trail.

Same place, this time with Camila, crew on Greg’s Willow.

I do believe that it would be difficult to tire of looking at this view in this anchorage… very difficult.  🙂

Happy Friday gang.  More soon!


Some pics from Dolce!

Our friends from S/Y Dolce, Tsuneo and Kazuko, sent us an email and some pictures.  We don’t know yet if they will be coming our way here in the Bay area, but we hope so!  We really enjoyed them in Ala Wai, and wish them all the best in their future voyaging on Dolce.

The pics they sent:

This one is Tsuneo, Janne (from “Nordic Lady”), Larissa, Me, and Tsuneo’s wife Kazuko.

Larissa, me, Kazuko

This is us as we throw off the docklines and head for Kauai.

More soon gang.



`noonsite`… from the Marina!

Hey Gang – another quick entry here, but this time with a photo at least…

And here is one of the three of us, shortly before sailing under the Gate:



It was nothing short of FANTASTIC – the whole deal: finishing an easy but long passage, sailing under this historic bridge and into this beautiful bay… where the sun came out!

Now we’re tied up safely to the floating concrete docks of the Marina Village harbor, on the island of Alameda, just across the channel from Oakland.  It’s warm, sunny, dry and very still – exactly the opposite of the last 15 days or so.  It feels gooooooooooooood!

We’re relaxing – that means not too much blogging either!  So it’s clean something, chill out, wash a load of laundry, chill out, eat, chill out, sleep, chill out…

More soon.

da Happy Crew


Tuesday morning quickie

Morning gang – what are you up to at this time of the morning? Me? Coffee and navigation.

It’s nearly 06.00 here and we’re about 6 hours from the bridge, just as we had planned to be – and the plan has worked out.

At the moment, we’re about 16 miles away from the center of the huge traffic separation zone (think of a four way crossroads, two lanes on each ‘way’, with a gigantic roundabout connecting them, like a big wheel with a sprocket in the middle. This is where the easternmost spoke, to the bay, meets with three other spokes on this wheel, where ship traffic divides up and picks a spoke, based on where they’re coming from or going to). You need to see a nautical chart to understand it better perhaps, but it’s pretty neat and by all appearances, works like clockwork. All night long the shipping traffic has been pretty intense, coming and going. If you don’t have the proper nautical chart, you might check a map or google maps… whe’re directly north of the middle Farallon Islands at the moment, and south of Drake’s Bay.

Once we make the traffic separation crossroads, we’ll shadow the spoke going towards the bridge, and from there we have another 10 miles. We’ll stay close to but outside of this channel, as it’s the deepest route across the ‘four fathom bank’ outside the bay, where in can be downright rough and bumpy (who knows today though – a two day low trough has kept things pretty quiet in the recent past, and to think that it’s supposed to blow 25+ later today when high pressure approaches the coast….).

We haven’t had a good chat with Willow during the last two radio scheds, but assume they’re well. Sunday night we didn’t hear anything at all (were they sleeping in Neah Bay already?). Last night we had really poor copy, but could hear Camila’s voice. I have no idea whether they are still at sea (not likely) or tucked in some inlet behind Cape Flattery, but we did manage to organize a sat phone call to catch up and check on each other’s progress.

All in all, it’s pretty exciting stuff at the this time – watching the ships on AIS and radar, all kinds of lighted buoys here and there… waiting for sunrise and a clearer picture on things. Luckily, the seas are calm, the winds are light, and the fog has all but disappeared for the moment.

More from the Bay later!
M & crew

Walk On Noonsight // Monday, July 18, 2011 // 38.02N, 124.09W

22.00 UTC (Zulu), Noon, Hawaii time
Position / Posicao: 38.02N, (norte), 124.09W (oeste)
Course / Rumo (COG): 098 degrees true (098 graus)
Speed / Velocidade (SOG, GPS): 4 kts
Wind: S to SSE, 3-6 kts
Seas: calm to very calm
Weather: foggy, 18C/64F
Barometric Pressure (BP): 1013

– – – –
” Noon to Noon: 101 nautical miles
” Nautical Miles sailed since Hanalei Bay: about 2,842
” Nautical Miles to get to the Golden Gate Bridge (estimated): 49 (+28)

– – – –

It’s foggy. It’s calm, both wind and seas. I know the sun is out, but I can’t see it, just like I knew there was a full moon last night, though I couldn’t see that either – I guess only the fog knows all the real secrets out here. . .

We’re close guys – definitely within range of a series of Coast Guard stations on the coast, as well as NOAA radio weather forecasts. Lots of CG radio chatter and two vessel assists in only a couple of hours. Busy on a Monday – your tax dollars at work.

As we mentioned, we’re plodding along, purposely, so that we make our waypoint just off Point Reyes around dawn, and then the bridge at about noon. All’s well, and we’re just chilling out with some good tunes, one sail up, the engine droning along at low low revs



P.S. We were just passed by a 50+ strong group of sea lions (seals?). At first I thought they were dolphins…

Walk On Noonsight // Sunday, July 17, 2011 // 38.17N, 126.17W

22.00 UTC (Zulu), Noon, Hawaii time
Position / Posicao: 38.17N, (norte), 126.17W (oeste)
Course / Rumo (COG): 092 degrees true (092 graus)
Speed / Velocidade (SOG, GPS): 4 kts
Wind: S to SSE, 12-16 kts
Seas: smallish
Weather: socked-in, misty foggy rain, cool but not cold
Barometric Pressure (BP): 1011
– – – –
” Noon to Noon: 126 nautical miles
” Nautical Miles sailed since Hanalei Bay: about 2,441
” Nautical Miles to get to the Golden Gate Bridge (estimated): 152 (+28) – sorry, I’d been misleading you all the waypoint I’ve been using is south of Point Reyes once we get there, have approx. 28 nautical miles to the Gate itself. – – – –

Pushing through the Low – three weeks in.

Well, our dailies have obviously slowed – down to only 126 the last 24 hours. The steady N and NW winds are a memory now – we’ve come across a low. It happened in an of all of a sudden kind of way, as much as anything happens `all of a sudden` during a 21+ trip on a small sailboat on a big ocean. But it is what it is. It’s 15 knots of S and SSE winds, accompanied by this low (the barometer is down to 1011 – certainly not a dangerous level and we’re not expecting any gales, but it different from the 1025+ we were seeing only a week ago). Add to that a current, also coming from the south, and we’ve got a whole new arrival scenario….

Until the low popped up, – the first low we’ve seen in our vicinity – we had expected some light winds that we’d have to motor-sail through, with an arrival plan of Monday evening / Tuesday morning. If the winds of the latter part of last week had continued, we would have had a good chance at a Monday arrival. Now that the wind has done a 180 and our boat speed has dropped dramatically, we’re planning on a Tuesday morning arrival – early morning south of Point Reyes, then noon-ish at the mouth of the bay and under the bridge. Even if we were to speed up during the rest of the trip, we’ll adjust speed to that we arrive on Tuesday – the point being that we do NOT plan to make this entrance by night on Monday. 🙂 Maybe on the next entrance to the bay, somewhere down the road.

But today is wild. We were forced to make a course correction and start up the engine to help us hold our course – we were being pushed so far off course by the current that the bow was pointing at San Diego but the actual course over ground somewhere up near Eureka… Kind of like sailing sideways. That’s the way it is with 2 to 2.5 knots of current running under your keel… Funny thing is that I can’t find a very descriptive or useful passage about this current in any of the books I’ve got (Charlie’s Charts, the US Coast Pilot Nr. 7, and World Cruising Routes by Cornell). The Pilot comes the closest, describing a countercurrent called the Davidson Inshore Current… But to read the book only boats between San Diego and Point Conception (NW of Santa Barbara) would be affected by it. Go figure. There is definitely current where our butts are sitting, I can tell you! And with the low pressure right on top of us, we’ve got severely reduced visibility in foggy misty wind. If you can see a nautical mile I’d be surprised.

And so there you have it: on day 21 of our Hawaii California jaunt, we’re quietly and comfortably making way towards the bay. See you Tuesday!


Walk On Noonsight // Saturday, July 16, 2011 // 38.26N, 128.57W

22.00 UTC (Zulu), Noon, Hawaii time
Position / Posicao: 38.26N, (norte), 128.57W (oeste)
Course / Rumo (COG): 095 degrees true (095 graus)
Speed / Velocidade (SOG, GPS): 5.6 kts
Wind: NW and WNW, 8-10
Sea: 6 feet
Weather: partly cloudy – perhaps a bit more sun this afternoon Barometric Pressure (BP): 1014
– – – –
” Noon to Noon: 140 nautical miles
” Nautical Miles sailed since Hanalei Bay: about 2,615
” Nautical Miles to get to the Golden Gate Bridge (estimated): 278 – – – –
Making way to SF. Getting close now. Have a good day!