the first Park City photos…

Many of you might know that Lara and I are in Park City, Utah, for an immediate family reunion: my parents, sisters, bros-in-law, nieces and nephews and even great niece and great nephew!  It’s great to be back in PC again, and we’re having a very good time with the family.  Missed these guys!  Here are a few random pics from today… (the video from yesterday in the pool will have to wait until I can do some editing).

A change of scenery after 22 days of ocean ocean ocean… this is a typical view around here at The Canyons

Barn or House?  Actually, they keep cows in this very chic barn.

Making our way to the car for a trip to Main Street in Park City

Chic Main St, blond movie-star looking girls, nice cars…

Our friend Thayssa Klein worked at this restaurant a few years ago….

Remember Thayssa?  🙂

What’s a Rabbet?

Some very nice architecture in ‘downtown’ reminds everyone of the early mining days, when Park City got it’s start.

The Museum…

this is a special photo for my buddy Fabio, packaging king.  I’d never seen this (only the AB beer can-bottles)

Park City is ski-town, have no doubts about that.  The ski culture even mixes well with gardening and interior design.

My dear father LOVES ice cream!  🙂

frontwards or backwards, everybody needs a little espresso

Larissa loves Main St., even if you can’t see her too well in this pic.

Scenic Park City

Larissa, Nancy, Dad, Madeline and Thomas.  CUTE!

Maddie and Thomas checking it all out.

It’s sunny & warm.

This is a pic for our buddy Bryant – this is Zoom, a local restaurant owned by the Sundance Kid – ‘you just keep thinking Butch’.

We just love the scenery around here.

Even the ‘modern’ building have been designed to look traditional.

Larissa, Madeline, Thomas, and Franz (the Bear)

Maddie, Thomas & da Bear.

This a pic for David and for Gabriela.

Larissa and Maddie relaxing with a good read.

Maddie, Joe and Thomas – the Wujek kids

Brett & Mom.  🙂

Madeline, Colby, Alexis, Joe and Thomas – look at them!!!!!  Looking good gang.

Getting ready to put a movie on – no adults allowed!

Me & Colby playing with his new favorite toy – the faucet in the kitchen!  He loves the water.  Can’t wait to take him sailing.

Lara & Colby.  🙂


Tomorrow?  GOLF!  More pics & fun stuff coming up.



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