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biking video corrected

Ok gang, the new video has been uploaded – same as yesterday, only corrected so everything looks ‘normal’.  🙂

The link for HD is:

Otherwise, here’s the video…



a wee mountain bike video

And so here it is:

The aspect ratio of the video is wrong, so everyone is squeezed on the sides… that was a mistake when we were converting from one file type to another.  I plan on re-doing that and re-uploading the video that it looks right.  In any case, it’s just a fun video about some fun times.

See ya!


back on board…

We arrived yesterday afternoon, safe and sound from Park City.  It was great to get back to Walk On – the family reunion was spectacular and a huge success, but our blue lady is, after all, our home and it’s always nice to be home.  Bry is in good shape and good spirits and has had a productive writing stint aboard… hope to see that pay off in Sundance someday!  Now we’re starting to get into the organization phase necessary for a successful “I live on a boat in a marina” phase, which is a little (A LOT) different from a regular living on the boat and cruising phase.  This transition will take some time, and in the midst of it, I need to get a job.  Lots of challenges coming up!  In a smaller sense, it will be interesting to see what the future of this blog will be – hopefully it will continue to be a sailing blog, even if we’re not out cruising.

Right now I’m uploading a video from the mountain biking adventures, and more videos are in the works.  There’s all that Hawaii and passagemaking media to get through, organize, and produce some how.  And I mentioned the underwater video as a teaser, with the dolphins… but for now, how about this, a view of Walk On none of us had seen before:

And yeah, that’s Kauai in the background.  🙂

More on all of that, and updates and such, coming up, as usual.


Happy hump day!


photos from a visit to Sundance & Little Cottonwood Canyon

Today was Sunday driving tourism day… visiting new places (Sundance) and revisiting old ones (Little Cottonwood Canyon).

We had a great time with my folks, and then a great broccoli & beef stir-fry for dinner.  So… though we already miss the rest of the family that left yesterday, we had a great day today.  What a gorgeous place this is.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

MJ & Lara & Roberta & Lucio!

Below are some of the photos we took today. You can watch them here, of course, but I would suggest going to YouTube and watching the video in HD. It’s better. 🙂

The HD link: