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do you have a rock star?

you know, your own, a personal one, YOUR Rock Star.

be it rocking music, or rocking your life.

got one?

I do.

I am thankful for that.

every day, more thankful.



starting 2 use Instagram

Hi there,

walkon43 just shared an Instagram photo with you:

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“Almost ferry time, and it’s not cold, not even colophon”

The Instagram Team


Nope, just some starry eyes at a yummy dinner with Adam, Very Cool friend! Glad we could get 2gether. Looking forward to the next meeting.


SF – going to meet Adam for dinner!

Hot in the Bay

Or at least on our side of it! Sunny outside and warm inside the boat – sailing anyone?


Morning, hump day

It’s still a boating blog in a way, right? As long as there are occasional pictures of boats… 🙂

Here’s a pic of the ‘street’ we live on.

Happy Wednesday


wireless but plugged?

some would assume that we went cruising to get unplugged, er, ‘leave the matrix’ as I said to many of you.  and you’d be right.  we did.  we were – but last week I was going through a phone screening for a potential job and felt the weight of 3 years on top of me – three years that my focus, my passion, and my reality, were getting this boat ready to go, and take my baby cakes away safely, and far, and happily.  but also three years that put a bit of a distance between what felt so natural and up to the minute to… well, that feeling I knew would come: you wanted your bicycle?  you got it.  now you’ve got to start pedaling (to catch up!!!).

and, so now?

I need to be back in the matrix (we can go round and round about this, but for the moment my ‘best’ chances are getting plugged in again – old colleagues and friends from the wireless days will know what i mean). i.e. i need a job, soon – thank you very much. running a marina, owning a winery and retiring in the latian or tuscan (or marecheggian) hills will come.

So… in addition to the BB (which is not functioning properly as a BB), we decided we’d jump in both feet first, like we did so many times, in so many wonderful anchorages….


This time it’s platforms baby.

As of today, our family grew by two: one iOS and one Android.  🙂

Lots of work, play and plenty of mobile updates in the future boys and girls.

Yes, I know the “5” is coming soon. That’s another discussion.




p.s. are you disappointed by the FB changes?


With the cruise officially on ‘pause’ (but then again never, and aye again, NEVER,  ‘over’), ahem, not yet complete… me olde blog is certainly less interesting to some than it were in days, and seas, past, and I get it!  I miss you as much as I miss being there and doing what we were doing (grain of salt, please).

There is, however, big and important news anyway in this lil’ virtual space ‘o mine, on speak like a pirate day (and no, I haven’t mastered it):  call her BC!

BC, or Baby Cakes for those familiar with these here parts, is back to the boat, the hemisphere and the country!, tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! BOA VIAGEM MEU AMOR!

I’d be a wee Pirate, much amis, alas, if I didn’t even write about it on ye olde speake like a pirate day.  That was today officially, but ok – the point is:

LARIS IS ON THE WAY HOME (shiver me timbers, and thank goodness, and WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)!

Get here safe Cakes, and have a glorious trip.  

C U at the airport, and I can’t wait!


that’s my baby cakes.  isn’t she FANTASTIC?  I think s0. 🙂


Lunch, and College football in SF








I’ve made a couple of trips to the city these last two days.  Friday I went to meet my first college roommate, Joe, for lunch in the Fiancial District, where he works.  We had a good time!

This is the view from the ferry, just before crossing under the Bay Bridge (is that the name?) and heading to the Ferry Building, downtown – right on Market & Embarcadero.  What a convenience!

Same story, this time after crossing under the bridge.  See the fogbank in the background?

This reminded me of my sister Nancy, so I took a picture of it.  But Nancy’s SMC are the Belles, not the Gaels… I have no idea who THEY are.

Yesterday I went to AT&T Park to see the U. California Golden Bears play football.  My first college game, live, in MANY MANY MANY years.  🙂  It’s nothing like South Bend, but hey, sometimes you take what you can get, right?  Thanks a bunch to Thais & Kyle for the invite.  Do they look the part, or what?

The views from the stadium are incredible!

What is typically deep right field for the Giants becomes temporary seating on bleachers – but the boats still come in behind the stadium… no home runs on College Football Sturdays!

At halftime, the UC Marching Band does the traditional show – matching tunes, marching and giant figures on the field.  This was an homage to skateboarding, or a skateboarder, and the board ‘rolled’ down the field as they marched in unison.  They are a talented bunch.

Male & Female symbols.

I don’t know what this was, but it looked cool.

Now if I could just get to a game in South Bend….  🙂

All in all, a very enjoyable Saturday.

Happy Sunday Gang




Yes Bay Memories

I had to post this, and thank Lacey Dunn for having posted this on FB.

Great memories from those summers spent at Yes Bay, with some great folks, starting with Mike & Shelly and Lacey (and Gunner!); the Dunn family!


If you want great salmon fishing and one incredible bunch of scenery and sensory experiences, there aren’t many places like Yes Bay.  Check them out:

The season is winding down now, but there’s always next year.

More soon.  Tomorrow the memories keep rolling – meeting my first college roommate for lunch in the city! Ha!