Proud of my Baby Cakes

I had to share this!

Last night I attended the graduation ceremony for the latest Upwardly Global Class, and Lara was the reason, of course.  She found this group on-line a couple of months ago and has been investing her time and energy every Tuesday night for 6 weeks in making the most of it.

In their own words, Upwardly Global is:

“…. is a national non-profit organization that helps work-authorized, skilled immigrants rebuild their professional careers in the U.S. We provide professional job-search training and access to employers with global talent needs. To date, we have coached nearly 3,000 skilled immigrants and have assisted more than 900 skilled immigrants back into their career fields.”

Cool!  I know from going through the job hunt in other countries that this can be a daunting time in life, and a difficult task, even for the most motivated.  You’re not in Kansas anymore, as they say, and getting yourself into a professional role outside of your native country is a great accomplishment.  Nice to know that people like Upwardly Global are there to help you get the search off on the right foot, and to help you succeed.

I was impressed by the confidence building Lara has experienced through their coaching, the great progress they made on reformatting and polishing her Resume, the diverse range of immigrant professionals that were taking part, and the overall positive experience that this group has created.  Thanks guys!

I’m especially proud of Baby Cakes because she, well, she kicks butt!  Just like sailing away and leaving Rio behind, she ones again proves her courage, drive to adapt and succeed, make new friends and do it all with a beautiful smile!  Way to go baby!!!!

Lara’s UpGlo class – people from everywhere!  Russia, Mongolia, Eritrea, Guyana, Colombia, Iraq, Brazil, and many others that I didn’t have the chance to meet at the graduation ceremony.  I did try some very interesting international foods that the participants brought in – yummy!

Do you know an immigrant looking to get a professional position in the US?  Want to be a mentor?  Check out UpGlo on the web:



4 responses to “Proud of my Baby Cakes

  • Giorgia

    Bravi bravi bravi. Sono felice per lara, per te e per il vostro atteggiamento e amore.

  • Helen

    Way to go Lara! I am proud to be your friend. What a wonderful experience to have. This is the positive side of globalization that will outweigh the other side.

  • Judy/ Bryant's Mom

    Congrats to Lara. Everyone is on the move. I just joined Bryant in Gulf Shores, Alabama – a mile from the beach!!! Home again by the sea/ocean/gulf. Way to go Baby Cakes!!!

  • Mom

    Larissa, what a sweetie you are–and so brave, too!! Our family is blessed by your presence!!!! Love always, dear heart, BertnLuc

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